Jason Moon - Conference Speaker

Jason Moon has spoken at conferences across the country.  Find his curriculum vita here.

Jason Moon live in concert – 10 years of Healing with Music

Jason’s latest show weaves story, song, and video to form an interactive 90-minute presentation that explores the use of creative arts to help veterans find healing from war trauma. 

Jason Moon live in concert – 7 Thing Not To Say to A Veteran

Jason’s most requested show.  A 90 minutes interactive presentation that explores PTSD, what it is and how the language we us to speak to veterans effects healing.  This presentation is available on DVD and at this link. 

Jason Moon live in concert – My Life in Music

An entertaining performance that weaves original music and select covers to present a complete picture of Jason’s life.  This presentation is less focused on veteran work, though it briefly explores this portion of Jason’s life. 

Jason Moon live in concert – The Bar Show

Though he doesn’t get a chance to perform these types of shows much anymore.  Jason has been known to entertain a bar room full of people with cover songs for four hours.


Songwriting Workshops -

Jason offers a wide variety of songwriting workshops.   From groups of 2 to 25 Jason has directed collaborative songwriting workshops across the country.

Private Songwriting-

Jason has been commissioned to write personal songs for everything from weddings and anniversaries to theme songs for commercial use.