Jason Moon: His Mission

Jason Moon founded the non-profit Warrior Songs in 2010.  Warrior Songs is a 501.c.3 which uses music and the creative arts to bring healing to veterans.   You can learn more about the mission of Warrior Songs by visiting their webpage here.  

Warrior Songs Mission Statement:

Warrior Songs Inc. is a non-profit organization which brings hope and healing to veterans through the creative arts. Through a variety of programs, Warrior Songs uses the arts to assist veterans and civilians to better understand the war experience.

Warrior Songs Mission Statement: Our mission is to transform buried experiences and feelings into art that entertains as it educates, motivates, and inspires. We believe that helping those who have experienced war to express their struggles deepen their self-awareness and leads to a more purposeful existence.

Processing chaos into stories and setting these stories to music, or expressing them through other media, fosters communication and helps bridge the gap that often exists between veterans and their loved ones, and between civilians and veterans. Since war is destructive by its nature, over time it may diminish the natural human instinct to create and even interfere with the ability to experience hope and joy. Helping veterans to turn the destructive force of war into something meaningful and beautiful allows them to reclaim hope and joy as important forces in their lives.

The arts’ therapeutic benefits are widely acknowledged by therapists and physicians around the world. In the United States, the Department of Veterans Affairs is aware of the progress and recovery that is able to be made through the creative arts and annually hosts the National Veterans Creative Arts Festival to celebrate healing through art.

 Jason Moon is also a Musician and a Veteran