Jason Moon is a storyteller. His songs and performances make you feel like you are with a trusted friend reminiscing about the good old days. He invites you in, sits you down and makes you want to listen. Jason Moon is funny and wise, thoughtful and poetic, urgent and often heartbreaking. His gravelly voice is balanced by a unique flat picking guitar style evoking blues, folk and Americana genres. A winner of several awards and honors, Jason has been recognized for both his songwriting skills as well as his engaging performances.  An evening with Jason Moon is always engaging and entertaining. 

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2021-11-11 CNN

2017-05-29 Fox News

2017-05-27 People Magazine 

2013-05-23 Fuze News

2012-11-20 American Songwriter Magazine 

2012-07-09 Associated Press 


2019 Warrior Songs - Native American Music Awards - Pop Song of The Year - Warrior Wings

2019 Warrior Songs - Wisconsin Area Music Industry - Album of The Year - Women at War: WSv2

2018 Warrior Songs - Wisconsin Area Music Industry - Warrior Songs - Folk Artist of The Year

2016 Jason Moon - Wisconsin Area Music Industry - Singer/Songwriter of the Year

2016 105.5 Project M Songwriting Champion

2016 "Trying to Find My Way Home" Global Peace Song Award - Folk

2012 "Trying to Find My Way Home" National VA Creative Arts Competition - Gold Medal

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